The Future of Infinite Reverie

Infinite Reverie is growing. Really this site started just as an outlet for me to share information and randomness. As my first real novel is getting closer and closer to being ready to be shared with the world, I began thinking what that meant and what I wanted out it. I’ve never actually considered publishing traditionally. Why? I’m a control freak and a do-it-myselfer. Even if that means occasionally becoming so aggravated at whatever I’m trying to do that I feel compelled to throw myself on the couch, a bed or even the floor kicking and screaming until I feel better. Ok, so maybe that’s just what I wanna do, my kids might be terrified to see their mother throwing a child-like tantrum and possibly call for mental health services if I actually did it. So what have I decided? That I’m going to continue to be a do-it-myselfer. At this point, I’ve … Read more

The Work Space: Mini-Space

I’ve always imaged my perfect workable office to be this fantastic mansion sized library. Full of different woods and dark warm colors. And of course walls lined with beautiful floor to ceiling bookcases, full of books. A place where I can decorate with dragons and swords regardless of who likes it. It’s MY room. It also would have a loft that goes completely around the room, offering me a second floor for book storage. Attached directly to this amazing library/office is a pentagon shaped sitting area with walls and roof made of glass. A place where I can hang out on super comfy chairs, read and work on my books and grow plants. Unfortunately, I highly doubt I will ever have even a remotely similar office, at least not until the youngest of my five children has grown, graduated college and completely moved out. Not only because this would obviously cost … Read more

Daily Planning

Are you a planner or a go-with-the-flow type? Maybe you’re both, like me. I list everything. What I need to do that day, what I need from the store, what I need to get for whatever is planned for the weekend and so on. Every morning before I begin anything I start with my daily to-do list. I make three sections, and list everything that needs to be done for homeschool, home and work. I want a clear and laid out plan of attack for the whole day. At the same time, I always allow myself to alter any plans I have, because well, things happen and things change. I have tried so many planner and organizers over the years, I have even tried to just list things on a sheet of paper. They all seemed to work for awhile, but then at some point they didn’t seem valid anymore for what … Read more

Finding That Working Groove

I, like so many others, work from home. The majority of my day is spent in my house. I didn’t always work from home, and one of the biggest problems I find myself facing is separating my day. Generally when one works outside the home, we have our commute to switch focuses. It becomes an automatic process that takes our main focus off of that project that is due to tonight’s dinner or the kids activities. But now, I don’t have that automatic switch anymore. I find myself exhausted by dinner time when I really don’t feel like I have gotten that much done, in any category of my day. Could it simply be because I am bouncing between all these different categories all day? Both physically and mentally. I think it was. So how do us, work from homers, find a balance, find a way to focus our attention on … Read more

How to Write That Story Without a Story Outline

For the past few months I have been in the process of “editing” my Nanowrimo novel from last November. Getting 50,000 words on paper or the screen, is a challenge in itself, getting it to make sense is another. Now I am completely happy that I participated, even if it does mean that it seems like I have more work now than I would have, had I taken more time with it. Before I did this, the longest story I had ever managed to get a beginning, middle and an end in were no more than 8,000 words. Thanks to the open competition, more of a motivation based competition, I do actually have a “novel”. It might not make complete sense, has a bajillion notes on the side to add more or better descriptions, better terminology, more suspense, emotion and so on, but it is technically a finished first draft. Before I just … Read more

Who Am I Writing About: Character Questions

If you search for character sketches, questionnaires, worksheets or the like, you are bound to find hundreds of options to chose from. Some are short and to the point, while others go on for page after page. I think in general, as writers or authors, whichever you prefer, we know we need to have certain points about them. Physical description, age or age range, gender, environment, and general background history to name a few. Maybe you have your own set of questions you ask. Maybe it is a combination of questions you found and ones you decided you needed to know in process of writing the actual story. (It happens- sometimes you really don’t know what they would do or say until they are faced with it.) Maybe you have carried those questions on to characters that came after. I think it is always a good idea to ask questions that most likely won’t ever be … Read more

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