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Sooo, how’ve ya been? Good I hope. The first thing I’d like to mention is that I’ve decided to separate Infinite Reverie’s social media from my own. If you currently follow me on any of the platforms, and would like to follow Infinite Reverie, hit the follow button again. They are now linked to Infinite Reverie’s instead of mine, those, I’ll continue to use as an author.

It’s been crazy around here, a good crazy though. Here’s what we’ve been up to.


First, and what I’m most excited about, my first published book will be available very, very soon! It’s a science fiction (with a little bit of the supernatural) novella, and will be available in e-book and paperback. Salvation: Winter’s Night follows Ella Kane and her friends as they find themselves unwilling participants in the ultimate destruction of the human race. With time running out, can the unnatural Keiran help them save humanity or will the only solution be human extinction?

Nothing Yet. A Thirty-Something’s Guide to Accomplishing Nothing, is half way to being ready for publishing by the end of 2016. (Really aiming for October.) A memoir of sorts.

The big one, the epic fantasy with a so-far-planned-out thirteen book series: (working series title here, still have to complete the research on the titles yet), Old Dusk New Dawn will, hopefully, be ready by January 2017.

Pretty soon you’ll see a new page on the menu bar, BOOKS. On that page you’ll be able to get more information for release dates, where to get it, excerpts, and so on. To be honest, I’m considering having a separate author website too. I’d still update Infinite Reverie with new books, but more on that later.

Free Course

I’ve also been putting together a free course, well it’s less of a course and more of a support system that also strives to give you useful information and resources to get that first draft finished. 90 Day to First Draft, is a three month long course (totally at your own pace, you can finish sooner or later). The only objective is to help you finally get that first draft finished.

First drafts can be really hard for some of us, and really easy to put away for another day. I share the struggles I faced for years while trying to finish just ONE first draft. I’ll be sharing those, just in case you’re facing similar struggles. But, I’ll also be sharing with you, what I learned when I couldn’t finish a draft, and what I learned when I finally did (and what I continue to learn as I complete more and more first drafts). There will also be some great resources, a workbook, and other great freebies like an editorial calendar, book schedule, and book binder printables.

If you sign up (or already are) for the bi-weekly email newsletter, you’ll be one of the first to find out when it’s available and what’s all included.

Cool Stuff

If you were to go up to the menu and click on The Stuff Store, you should end up at a coming soon page, (I hope). The new Stuff Store is getting ready to showcase a t-shirt collection for sale. Each one of these shirts is made when ordered with various sayings. Whether you’re a writer, an author, a creative, or just like fun (and funny) t-shirts, check it out.

The first collection will begin with around 15 designs, most available in either a black shirt with white lettering (or bleaching) or a white shirt with black lettering.

As long as there aren’t any major catastrophes, the pre-sale is scheduled to begin before the end of July. There is a 50% off your entire order coupon code available ONLY during the pre-sale, (the pre-sale will last for 2-3 weeks). Just enter PRESALE50OFF at checkout. Right now you can enter your email address to be updated when the store goes live by clicking on that The Stuff Store button on the menu. (The coupon code will be included in that email again, plus an extra bonus.)

Right now we’re working on getting each of the t-shirts descriptions and images set up and ready to go. Once they’re up and ready, the store will open for business, so be sure to sign up.

My goal is to also have a collection of coffee mugs available soon too. I love me a mug that can make me smile with what’s on the outside as well as what’s inside it.

And More…

So, these are just a few of the new things I’ve been working on over here at Infinite Reverie. The new and improved version of The Ultimate Author’s Editorial Calendar and Writing Planner will be going on sale in November at a pre-release discounted price. There is also a weekly version that will be released at the same time. Both will be spiral bound this time around.

We’re already working on a holiday collection for The Stuff Store too. Not exactly sure what that will include yet, but if you’ve got any ideas on what you’d like to see, as always, let me know. Once the mugs have made their way there, canvas/cotton tote/book bags will follow.

We’ve also got a free webinar in the works. It won’t be ready until the later part of the year, still not exactly sure what it will cover, but we have some ideas. It’ll be my first one, terrifying when I really think about it. But hey, forward movement only.



What have you been up to lately? Do you have a current WIP going? How is it going? Brainstorming any new creative ideas?

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