Now What? Publishing Your Own Work

If you’ve had the chance to read The Future of Infinite Reverie post, you already know that I have been spending a lot of time researching and gathering as much information, tips, advice and beyond on beginning the independent publishing venture. I promised there, that I would share the information that I have found. I’ve decided to start that with these tips. Write a Business Plan Regardless of whether or not you plan to publish one or a thousand of your own titles, or publish for other authors as well, a business plan is an absolute must. They serve more purpose than just a document used for financing. A good business plan lays the foundation of your new venture and is an invaluable source for you to refer back to as things do change rather quickly and sometimes we don’t even realize we are off course. There are multiple sources for … Read more

The Future of Infinite Reverie

Infinite Reverie is growing. Really this site started just as an outlet for me to share information and randomness. As my first real novel is getting closer and closer to being ready to be shared with the world, I began thinking what that meant and what I wanted out it. I’ve never actually considered publishing traditionally. Why? I’m a control freak and a do-it-myselfer. Even if that means occasionally becoming so aggravated at whatever I’m trying to do that I feel compelled to throw myself on the couch, a bed or even the floor kicking and screaming until I feel better. Ok, so maybe that’s just what I wanna do, my kids might be terrified to see their mother throwing a child-like tantrum and possibly call for mental health services if I actually did it. So what have I decided? That I’m going to continue to be a do-it-myselfer. At this point, I’ve … Read more

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