Daily Planning

Are you a planner or a go-with-the-flow type? Maybe you’re both, like me. I list everything. What I need to do that day, what I need from the store, what I need to get for whatever is planned for the weekend and so on. Every morning before I begin anything I start with my daily to-do list. I make three sections, and list everything that needs to be done for homeschool, home and work. I want a clear and laid out plan of attack for the whole day. At the same time, I always allow myself to alter any plans I have, because well, things happen and things change.

I have tried so many planner and organizers over the years, I have even tried to just list things on a sheet of paper. They all seemed to work for awhile, but then at some point they didn’t seem valid anymore for what it was I needed. I tried just sticking with the most flexible planner I had tried so far, but it just didn’t seem good enough. I still felt as if I was missing something, and maybe it is crazy to feel like this, but I can’t stand feeling like something important was missed because I wasn’t prepared enough.

It took awhile to realize it, but I finally did. And it’s shocking. My life changes, regularly. Sound familiar? It even tends to happen in cycles, coming back to a previous point. I need different things at different times.

To solve this issue I have decided to create my own daily planning sheets. Now, I can choice which one to use based on the time of year or what is going on.

I do alter and make new planning sheets when I find the need to, but so far this year I have created these three. I have a few more in the works and when they are ready to be shared, shared they will be.

These are free for you to print off and use for yourself.

Simple Daily


Daily 1


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