Getting Ready for 2016

November seemed to go far to quickly at the same time it felt like it took forever to get through. On a personal note, we (my family and I), made a huge change in our lives. We relocated from Illinois to North Carolina, leaving the rest of our extended, yet close to family behind. We are happy and excited to begin this new chapter in our lives, and along with it, I will have a whole lot of more time to dedicate to this and Infinite Reverie in general.

I spent my Thanksgiving in a car with four of my children, my dog and my mom driving out here while my dad, another child, and my cat drove our stuff down to meet up with my husband who had already been here for about two weeks. We finally arrived at our new house just before midnight, and very tiredly enjoyed our thanksgiving dinner my husband had made for us all while he waited for us to get here before we all crashed for the night.

The majority of the new place has been unpacked and I have a skeleton office set up. Now that I am able to work on Infinite Reverie full time, my first order of business after the move was to refine and redefine Infinite Reverie for 2016. I have done just that, literally just finishing up this morning. I’m still learning and need to learn a lot about running a website, but I have great resources and I am a member of an amazing Facebook group that has already taught me a lot. As I grow in this area, so will Infinite Reverie.

I’ve never been consistent with my posting, and I do apologize for that. A lot of that stems from fear or even a perceived lack of time. Every Wednesday, I will be adding a new article/post, many with free downloads or printables you can use. Weekly emails will be on Monday’s starting December 7th.

For the rest of 2015, the majority of information I will be sharing in both posts and emails will have to do with getting ready for 2016. There are some planners and goal setting workbook/organizer (and how to make them actionable), coming up in the next two weeks.

In general there will be more focus on writing, making an income, and setting up an independent publishing company. One of the things I would love to be able to have on here is a community feel. Tell me, either in the comments or by email on the contact page, what it is you’d like to know, questions for me to get answers to, feedback on articles or items from the store, seriously whatever.

Writing is a journey.

I’m working on a an email course to be available in the first part of 2016. (The first of many for the year.) And also an online novel writing workshop. One of the things I’m really excited about is the Chapter a Month Story (I know it needs a better name.) that will be starting in January. Once a month I will add a new chapter to the story here. There are a few other big things in store with more information to follow as they get closer.


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