New Year, New Outlook

Last year I found myself overwhelmed with all the awesomeness I had planned to create. I’ve always dreamed big, usually too big for what I can handle because I tend to forget there are other parts to my life. It isn’t because of lack of organization or lack of desire that things don’t get finished when I hoped they would be, but because I’m not always realistic with my deadlines. I might plan out and schedule one project without first considering other projects that also need to be completed on top of family and home obligations.

By the end of the week, month, or even year, I find that I’m left with a few half done and almost done projects. Why, because my client work always takes priority when it comes to work to be done, not to mention family and home obligations. Projects and plans for Infinite Reverie, Read at the Reverie, and even my fiction projects get pushed off because those deadlines, if not met are only on me. It isn’t going to hurt anyone else necessarily, if they don’t get done until later.

No matter what my goals and plans are for 2018, client work will always be on my daily priority list. I also can’t ignore the house or the kids, but I’m finding that ignoring or putting off my business work isn’t doing any good for me or the business either.

So, for 2018 I’ve scaled back my plans in the hopes that I can get more done. By the end of this year, Infinite Reverie should be ready to begin publishing and Read at the Reverie should be prepping for it’s first physical bookstore location to be opened in 2019. Both might seem like really big goals, but thankfully all the work I have done over the past few years has already been putting both these goals into view. Rather than focusing on a bunch of smaller projects, this year I will only be working a couple larger ones. For the past few days I have been adding new products to Read at the Reverie to get the online version of the store up and running, and have also been putting together a bunch of legal documents together for the publishing side of Infinite Reverie.

Last year I was working on a rewrite for Dawn of the Night, when I realized there was a lot of information that needed to be given in the story but that took place before the story actually begins. I toyed with the idea of writing these chapters and then having about a decade of time of nothing before catching back up to where I originally had Dawn of the Night begin, but it didn’t feel right. Instead, I decided to go back in time some and begin the story where it really should begin with a new first book in the Old Dawn New Dusk series. Fall of the Dawn will now replace Dawn of the Night as book one. Since the story as a whole isn’t about any particular character, I’m hoping this works much better. I have a tentative publishing date for August of this year, but it really depends on well the rewrite goes.

For Infinite Reverie, I have a free mini-course that is almost ready to go, The Non-Planners Guide to Organizing their Novel. There is also a workbook, possibly two, that will be released this year. Both in some way related to publishing and building an author brand.


So, tell me, what are some of your goals for 2018? How well did you meet those you set for 2017?


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