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Introducing The Ultimate Author’s Editorial Calendar and Writing Planner

About a week ago I finally received my first ever proof for my first ever physical creation. I was so nervous and excited to open that package to see what it actually looked like. Surprisingly, I didn’t open the package for at least an hour after holding that box in my hands for the first time. Were the margins off? Is the type too small? Too big? Is there enough space to write on the lines? Is it too thick? And so on. I finally did open it up. The margins were fine, the type is a good size, there is plenty of space to write on, and while it is thick, it’s easy to use. Here it is. I created it with Createspace, and it is available for sale here on Check it out and let me know what you think. But what exactly is the Ultimate Author’s Editorial Calendar and … Read more

Writing Plan

What is a Writing Plan and How to Use It

In case you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been spending quite a bit of my time planning and organizing things out for next year. I have multiple projects in various stages of the process. I was considering, for a very, very short time, to limit myself to one big project at a time. Just go full steam with it and keep going until it’s done, or at least technically out of my hands for the time being before moving on to something else. It sounded great, at first. Projects should be completed faster, ready for whatever they were meant for. I’d only have to really focus on one thing at a time. In theory, this was perfect. Until I realized I can have daily burn out. I tried this for just over a week. By day 2, I wanted to throw everything on that project out. I quit for the day … Read more

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3 Ways to Fit Writing into Your Day

Writing seems to have the same therapeutic effect as reading, am I right? It isn’t too difficult to squeeze in a few minutes here and there throughout the day to read an article or blog post on a topic that relates to a situation in our lives or even just something interesting, whether fun or informational. Finding that time to sit down with a hot cup of our favorite hot drink, with our comfy clothing on, and that book: fiction, non-fiction, comic book, whatever, seems so much more eluding. As does that writing time. Between work, family, kids, errands, and other adultish responisbilities, just thinking about thinking when there could be enough time to grab out that notebook or open that document (or software program), seems somewhat insane. I like insane. Not the, lock me up insane, but productive-imaginative-there-is-absolutely-no-limits-insanity. Something happens in those moments, mind racing, ideas just pouring out, … Read more

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2016 Goal Setting: Choosing and Prioritizing Those Long-term Goals

The list of goals, or Reveries, I have compiled for the coming year is extensive. I’ve officially transitioned to running Infinite Reverie full-time, and along with the expanded amount of time I can dedicate to it is giving me the opportunity to honestly achieve those reveries on a realistic level. I’ve always been a lister and a planner, but having such a long list of both short-term and long-term goals (even though I’m only considering those for this coming year), having them laid out in front of me in their crude form is extremely overwhelming. There is just SO MUCH to do! Does any of this sound familiar? It doesn’t even have to be your whole life that is changing. It can be that one novel you’d like to finish, or maybe just even complete the first draft of. Well, as a part of this month’s 2016 Goal Planning Session, … Read more

Getting Ready for 2016

November seemed to go far to quickly at the same time it felt like it took forever to get through. On a personal note, we (my family and I), made a huge change in our lives. We relocated from Illinois to North Carolina, leaving the rest of our extended, yet close to family behind. We are happy and excited to begin this new chapter in our lives, and along with it, I will have a whole lot of more time to dedicate to this and Infinite Reverie in general. I spent my Thanksgiving in a car with four of my children, my dog and my mom driving out here while my dad, another child, and my cat drove our stuff down to meet up with my husband who had already been here for about two weeks. We finally arrived at our new house just before midnight, and very tiredly enjoyed our … Read more

Planning When to Write

Most of us don’t have the ability to dedicate the vast majority of our day to writing. I know for me, that intense internal nudge to wander over to my computer because my mind is flooding with words that need to be written down can seem to strike at the worst possible time. Then, of course, when I do have some free time, or at least prime writing time, I can’t remember anything that I wanted to write. If writing is your hobby, waiting until both the timing and the ideas are flowing to begin to write, is fine. But for those of us you want to be able to maybe quit our day jobs, or maybe just receive an income from it, we need a plan, some structure. No plan is foolproof. No plan is absolute. I’m both a planner and a pantster. I do create a plan. I … Read more

Get Sh*t Done Planner Freebie

As is continuing to undergo changes, so am I. I’ve had to find new and more efficient ways of planning out and organizing my days. As much as I would love to be able to simply write down everything that I need to get accomplished that day, and actually be able to do it as I originally planned, it just simply never ever happens that way. I need to write down what I actually need to do, because if I don’t I won’t remember half of it or I’ll get sidetracked and way off task. But just writing it down isn’t enough either. I created this two page daily planner so that I could write down everything I need to do and remember all in one place. I’m sharing it here with you.   If you need to keep track of your projects, freelancing projects/jobs, home/family, and anything really, … Read more

Now What? Publishing Your Own Work

If you’ve had the chance to read The Future of Infinite Reverie post, you already know that I have been spending a lot of time researching and gathering as much information, tips, advice and beyond on beginning the independent publishing venture. I promised there, that I would share the information that I have found. I’ve decided to start that with these tips. Write a Business Plan Regardless of whether or not you plan to publish one or a thousand of your own titles, or publish for other authors as well, a business plan is an absolute must. They serve more purpose than just a document used for financing. A good business plan lays the foundation of your new venture and is an invaluable source for you to refer back to as things do change rather quickly and sometimes we don’t even realize we are off course. There are multiple sources for … Read more

The Future of Infinite Reverie

Infinite Reverie is growing. Really this site started just as an outlet for me to share information and randomness. As my first real novel is getting closer and closer to being ready to be shared with the world, I began thinking what that meant and what I wanted out it. I’ve never actually considered publishing traditionally. Why? I’m a control freak and a do-it-myselfer. Even if that means occasionally becoming so aggravated at whatever I’m trying to do that I feel compelled to throw myself on the couch, a bed or even the floor kicking and screaming until I feel better. Ok, so maybe that’s just what I wanna do, my kids might be terrified to see their mother throwing a child-like tantrum and possibly call for mental health services if I actually did it. So what have I decided? That I’m going to continue to be a do-it-myselfer. At this point, I’ve … Read more

The Work Space: Mini-Space

I’ve always imaged my perfect workable office to be this fantastic mansion sized library. Full of different woods and dark warm colors. And of course walls lined with beautiful floor to ceiling bookcases, full of books. A place where I can decorate with dragons and swords regardless of who likes it. It’s MY room. It also would have a loft that goes completely around the room, offering me a second floor for book storage. Attached directly to this amazing library/office is a pentagon shaped sitting area with walls and roof made of glass. A place where I can hang out on super comfy chairs, read and work on my books and grow plants. Unfortunately, I highly doubt I will ever have even a remotely similar office, at least not until the youngest of my five children has grown, graduated college and completely moved out. Not only because this would obviously cost … Read more

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