Planning When to Write

Most of us don’t have the ability to dedicate the vast majority of our day to writing. I know for me, that intense internal nudge to wander over to my computer because my mind is flooding with words that need to be written down can seem to strike at the worst possible time. Then, of course, when I do have some free time, or at least prime writing time, I can’t remember anything that I wanted to write.

If writing is your hobby, waiting until both the timing and the ideas are flowing to begin to write, is fine. But for those of us you want to be able to maybe quit our day jobs, or maybe just receive an income from it, we need a plan, some structure.

No plan is foolproof. No plan is absolute. I’m both a planner and a pantster. I do create a plan. I always intend to fully carry out that plan. But I realize that life happens and plans have to change, adjust.

The key to planning is to remember that if something throws off your original plan, not to throw your arms in the air and give up and walk away. It just means you have to go back and possibly rearrange a few things, make some adjustments.

To help you get started with the planning process I’ve created a 4 page blank editorial calendar for you to download and print. Page 1 has lots of space for pre-planning or could even serve as a place to list various tasks that you would like to get completed/work on, but aren’t yet sure where they may fit in. Pages 2 and 3, are the actual monthly calendar, just fill in the month and dates and you’re ready to go. The last page contains a few charts. They give you a place to list ongoing projects, projects that are beginning that month, and those that will be ending.

I currently use this calendar to keep track of what I am writing, my freelance work, and also things I need to do on a business side for Infinite Reverie.

4 Page Blank Editorial Calendar IMG_0013







I’ve also altered the daily planning sheet to a name a little less aggressive. (I was irritated the day I created the last one, possibly a little short on my coffee intake as well.)

It is a 2 page daily spread, and a place to keep track of everything.* What To Do




But what happens when you create a plan to write, but those ideas aren’t¬†flowing? The best thing I found so far is to have some way to jot down at least the basics of the ideas I have when I can’t be in front of my computer. I have a journal in my nightstand drawer, one in my purse, and I have actually emailed myself from my phone when out and about. For those times I’m at home, but involved in something else, I’ve been known to grab anything really and write down what I need to get out. I then toss it onto my desk to get added to my idea notebook or wherever it needs to go later so that I don’t have a stack of random little papers all over my workspace.

*In the Infinite Reverie Permissions Policy, it limits the number of copies of a document that you can print to 10, because of the daily nature of this one, I’m not going to let there be a limit on this one. So long as you are using them for yourself, and non-commercially. Check the policy if you have any questions, and of course, you can always email me at:, or contact me via the contact page.




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