First Draft Review

First Draft Review

If you’re looking at your draft and wondering, “Does it work?” “Is it viable?” Has it lost its way?” The First Draft Review may be for you. Your manuscript does not have be in its first draft form to fit the service, but it can be. The goal of this review is to identify strengths and weaknesses within the draft.

The First Draft Review:

  • Will address your questions and concerns.
  • Will be read as is, opinions and suggestions will be given by taking early draft structure into account.
  • Is essentially a reading and opinion service.
  • Attempt to point out inconsistencies.
  • Feedback is provided on premade forms.
  • Help identify possible genre(s) and any potential subgenre(s).
  • Comment on overall content, ideas, and backstory.
  • Ask relevant questions to help you identify and solidify direction and ideas.
  • Provide feedback on general outline/storyline structure and organization.
  • Timeline is variable, and given at time of contract.
  • Pricing for The First Draft Review Service is below.
  • It is NOT necessary to prepare your manuscript for submission to us in regards to spelling, grammar, structure, and mechanics for this service. We are fully aware that first drafts are not pretty. We don’t expect them to be. As long as your manuscript is readable, it’s ready enough for us.

Word Count Range

Total Price

49,999 or less








Each Additional 50.000 Words


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