Full-Service Critique

Full-Service Critique

Our most in-depth, comprehensive review of your manuscript. Each manuscript is given two full read throughs. Feedback is provided from both a reader and a professional perspective.

The first read through is to provide a fresh reader perspective of the manuscript as a whole and its parts. Feedback from this pass is provided in a separate document.

The second read through is to provide a professional perspective. Feedback from this pass is provided in two ways.

The list of components we are looking at while writing our feedback is so extensive, we have decided to list a few here to give you an idea: voice, tone, point-of-view(s), individual characters and development, settings, readability, flow, balance, context, time, tension, dialogue, pacing, conflict, suspense, emotion, subplots, and storylines.

The Full-Service Critique also includes an option to purchase additional read throughs at a special discount price. This gives you an opportunity to revise your manuscript and resubmit it for additional feedback.

This service is suited for any stage in the drafting process. Focus and feedback would be adapted to suit the stage you are currently in.

The Full-Service Critique qualifies for multiple payment options, including payment plans.


Example manuscript sizes, pricing, and approximate timelines.

Word Count Range Price Approximate Timeline
24,999 or less $350.00 1 Week
25,000-49,999 $400.00 2 Weeks
50,000-74,999 $450.00 2 Weeks
75,000-99,999 $500.00 3 Weeks
100,000-124,999 $550.00 3 Weeks
125,000-149,999 $600.00 4 Weeks
Each Additional 25,000 words $50.00

Timelines are for example purposes only. The actual timeline for your project would be outlined within the service contract. These timelines also represent the time from when we receive the manuscript to when you receive your final feedback documents.

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